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Residential Care Homes

The elderly are now encouraged to live independently for as long as possible, which has lead to the emergence of the 'extra-care' sector. This means specially designed, owner-occupied, self-contained housing.

As people live to greater ages, homes are required to care for a growing proportion of frail residents. Often these elderly have complicated care requirements. A residential care home provides personal care but not quite at the level of a nursing home.

Up to 75% of places in nursing homes are being funded by the public sector.

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Purpose-built residential homes for elderly people are best located close to facilities such as post offices, shops, chemists and doctors, with nearby transport links. Because of this, many developments are on brownfield sites in existing residential areas.

The following other considerations are taken into account:

  • Generous space standards
  • Good-quality finishes
  • Effective use of natural light
  • Good control of noise.
  • Cost-effective use of space
  • Simple layout, enabling staff to monitor the residents.
  • En-suite bathrooms designed to enable a wheelchair turning circle.
  • Multiple communal areas.
  • Wheelchair access to the building
Residential Care Homes

How we work

As expert bricklaying contractors we specialise in just masonry, be it stone, brick, blockwork or Porotherm. We supply all relevant materials and labour in this specialist area.

Windows, roofing, doors and other non-masonry aspects are not included, but can be provided by other contractors. We have a number of providers we can recommend if required. This ensures you are getting a team fully focused and qualified in providing simply the best quality brickwork.

Fork lift drivers are available at S J Hancock depending on requirements.

Residential Care Homes