S J Hancock has many years experience creating bespoke extensions

We work closely with our clients to extend homes in keeping with their wishes and design ideas.

Our relationships with carefully chosen specialists and suppliers greatly assist us with all aspects of a proposed build. You can rest assured you are always getting the best quality craftsmanship at a desirable cost.

Nursing Home Masonry

Is my property suitable for an extension?

There are a number of factors that affect your house's suitability for an extension, including:

  • Area - if your home is in a conservation area or a district with planning restrictions, you may have more limited options.
  • Neighbours - your direct neighbours will have a say in whether your plans negatively affect their quality of life.
  • Timetable - having a set deadline on your build can affect the type of extension you can manage.
  • Budget - your plans should ideally give a decent return on your investment with regards to property value and living space.

At S J Hancock we have years of experience planning and implementing home extension designs. Your satisfaction is our number one priority so we make sure the final build matches your wishes as closely as possible.

Victorian Lodge Brickwork

How we work

As expert bricklaying contractors we specialise in just masonry, be it stone, brick, blockwork or Porotherm. We supply all relevant materials and labour in this specialist area.

Windows, roofing, doors and other non-masonry aspects are not included, but can be provided by other contractors. We have a number of providers we can recommend if required. This ensures you are getting a team fully focused and qualified in providing simply the best quality brickwork.

Fork lift drivers are available at S J Hancock depending on requirements.