S J Hancock is one of the UK's premiere lift shaft specialists

We provide unique knowledge and exceptional skills in the lift shaft contractor sector.

Lift shafts can usually be provided as pre-cast or can be custom built according to building designs.

From a quantity of proven Nationwide projects to one as far as Ireland S J Hancock Ltd has seen its on board competent team use their ability to set out openings and build to Clients requirements all too often. Working within a 5mm tolerance, utilising clean and tidy working practices, coupled with enforcing its health and safety standards in controlling the workplace risks to ensure the necessary safe and healthy working conditions which are ultimately paramount at the forefront of every project.

Lift Shaft Contractor

How we work

As an expert bricklaying contractor, S J Hancock specialises in just the masonry for your lift shaft installation projects. We supply all relevant materials and labour in this specialist area.

Non-masonry aspects such as lift mechanisms and doors are not included, but can be provided by other contractors, which we can recommend if required. This ensures you are getting a team fully focused and qualified in providing the highest quality lift shafts.