Stonework in Solihull

SJ Hancock is a team of dedicated Solihull stonework experts with over 25 years of experience.

Our competitive prices come with genuine, honest and great value service. You can trust us to get the job done to a standard well above the competition.

What makes us the best Solihull Stonework Provider?

We believe every aspect of our stonework in Solihull should be of the highest standard.

Our skilled tradesmen take immense pride in any stonework we build. As a result, many of our clients contact us directly from a personal recommendation.

The Best Stonework in Solihull

Solihull Stonework Repairs

Do you have water damage in your Solihull stone walls?

One of the most common causes of stonework damage is water ingress in walls. The lack of direct sunlight means water enters the stone wall and takes a long time to dry.

During the cold Solihull winter months, water in stone can freeze and expand. Often stone faces may fall off, joints can crack and chimney columns lose strength.

We always recommend repairing these when they are first noticed. The longer issues go on, the worse water ingress will affect your property.

Have you experienced structural issues with your Solihull stone or masonry?

Structural issues can also cause varying degrees of damage to a property. Common structural issues in Solihull include unsupported masonry arches over garages and windows, or incorrectly sized lintels.

Our years of experience with Solihull stonework repair includes:

  • Solihull Structural issues
  • Solihull Historical Renovations
  • Solihull Foundation Repairs
  • Replacement of lintels in Solihull
  • Solihull Waterproofing
  • Solihull Chimney repairs
  • Solihull Repointing
  • Solihull Brickwork repairs
  • Solihull Masonry demolition and removal
Solihull Stonework Repair

Solihull Stonework for Extensions and New Builds

At SJ Hancock we can help you select well priced, fine quality stonework materials in Solihull. We are highly skilled in installing the diverse materials used in residential stonework and commercial stonework in Solihull.

Materials available for use in new Solihull builds include:

  • glass blocks
  • concrete
  • limestone
  • Porotherm
  • brick
  • stone
  • manufactured stone
  • cast stone
Stonewoirk Solihull

How we work

As expert Solihull stonework contractors we specialise in just masonry, whether it's stone, blockwork, brick or Porotherm. We will supply all relevant labour and materials.

Windows, roofing, doors and other non-masonry aspects are not included, but can be provided by other recommended Solihull contractors where required. With S J Hancock you are getting a fully focused and qualified team, providing Solihull stonework of exceptional quality.

Fork lift drivers can be provided by S J Hancock if your build requires them. All drivers will be fully licensed and insured.

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